For those who seek balance and harmony from the totality of cannabis. This is wellness of the body and mind realized, by way of nature.


Natural Harmony

It’s in the symmetry of a cherry blossom. The perfect ripples that vibrate out from a rock skipping across a river. Science and nature are one. Inseparable rather than opposites. Spectra is a cannabis brand rooted
in that truth. We are guided by the science of the cannabis plant
and focused on CBD : THC ratios and innovative consumption
formats that allow you to find your personalized relationship with it.
Find your ratio; find your format; find your balance.


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We simplify cannabis science, creating a simple path through the wide possibilities of this plant and towards a truer sense of balanced wellbeing.



The combination of primary cannabinoids CBD and THC largely determines how we interact with cannabis, along with our unique body chemistry. Spectra’s product portfolio features a carefully formulated array of CBD : THC ratios, giving every individual a space to discover the right ratio for them.


The Body : Mind Dial

The concept of the Body : Mind Dial was created to support you through the process of finding your ideal dose and ratio.

To start, pick a ratio of CBD (body) to THC (mind) based on your wants and needs. For more stimulating, cerebral experiences, opt for a balanced CBD : THC ratio - i.e. 1 : 1. For more calming relief of the body, choose a ratio with higher amounts of CBD - i.e. 4 : 1.

After dosing, check back in and assess whether to dial up or dial down through additional doses or alternative ratios in order to achieve your desired state of body mind balance.

Finding the ideal combination for your (uniquely different) body can provide positive cannabis experiences as you seek peace, harmony, and wellness.

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