Product Ingredients List

Canna Drops Ingredients: MCT oil (tree nut), cannabis extract (7-Strain Blend Extract), organic high CBD full spectrum cannabis oil, minor cannabinoid blend, stevia, all-natural flavors

Canna Mist Ingredients: MCT oil (tree nut), cannabis extract (7-Strain Blend Extract), organic high CBD full spectrum cannabis oil, minor cannabinoid blend, stevia, all-natural flavors

TEFSO Ingredients: Cannabis extract (7-Strain Blend Extract),organic high CBD full spectrum cannabis oil, minor cannabinoid blend, vapor-extracted cannabis terpenes

V-RSO Ingredients: Cannabis extract (7-Strain Blend Extract),organic high CBD full spectrum cannabis oil, minor cannabinoid blend, vapor-extracted cannabis terpenes

Dosing Guide

Measurements listed are approximations.


Canna Drops Dosing Guide: 

Suggested Dose: 1mL dropperful

Sleep 1:1 + CBN — CBD 3mg : THC 3mg per dose
1:1 — CBD 3mg : THC 3mg per dose
2:1 —CBD 6mg : THC 3mg per dose
4:1 — CBD 12mg : THC 3mg per dose
10:1 — CBD 30mg : THC 3mg per dose 

Canna Mist Dosing Guide: 

Suggested Dose: 3 sprays

Sleep 1:1 + CBN — CBD 2mg : THC 2mg per dose
1:1 — CBD 2mg : THC 2mg per dose
2:1 —CBD 2.7mg : THC 1.3mg per dose
4:1 —CBD 3.2mg : THC 0.8mg per dose 

What is RSO?

Named after the Canadian hospital engineer, Rick Simpson, who developed a homemade cannabis concentrate made via pure alcohol extraction, traditional RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) is known for its strong therapeutic properties and is meant to be ingested orally or applied topically.

What is in Spectra’s 7-Strain Blend?

Individual strains contain inconsistent amounts of cannabinoids, terpenes and other naturally occurring compounds that impact effects, so we derive oil from seven different strains of premium cannabis for every batch to ensure that every product offers a more complete suite of restorative compounds. The seven strains themselves may vary, but the Blend as a whole guarantees consistent delivery of full spectrum cannabis effects.

Will V-RSO (Vapable Rick Simpson Oil) replace Spectra’s RSO?

The V-RSO is RSO in a vapable format, allowing for a shorter onset time of effects and convenient portability while preserving the benefits of traditional RSO.

The V-RSO is an innovation from Spectra for those seeking the benefits of RSO in a new format but is not meant to replace our RSO. We will soon be releasing TEFSO - an improvement on traditional RSO, delivered in a familiar, easy to dispense syringe for oral consumption and topical use.

Isn’t RSO not meant to be inhaled?

While traditional RSO is not designed to be smoked, we've created an innovative vapable version— the V-RSO (Vapable-Rick Simpson Oil).  

V-RSO contains almost all the broad-spectrum compounds found in traditional RSO, without the components that would create a harsh, off-putting experience (fats/waxes, pigments, gums – which are all naturally found in the cannabis plant) if traditional RSO were to be inhaled.

All ingredients used in the V-RSO are formulated specifically for a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience. V-RSO ingredients are extracted through a process that eliminates residual solvent content for inhalable products.

What is TEFSO?

TEFSO stands for Therapeutic Edible Full Spectrum Oil and is our version of RSO improved.

Our whole plant extract delivers a superior dose of full spectrum plant benefits medicine, carefully processed to retain consistent cannabinoids and terpenes, batch-to-batch—as well as the lipids, fats, and other minor plant compounds with demonstrated healing properties.

We believe Spectra users who have experienced relief through our traditional RSO will continue to feel relief with TEFSO while also noticing the improvements of this new formulation first-hand.

What extraction method is used for V-RSO (Vapable-Rick Simpson Oil)?

V-RSO (Vapable-Rick Simpson Oil) utilizes the most advanced extraction methods to create a true full spectrum experience. Terpenes are extracted with water vapor and Co2, while cannabinoids are extracted with Co2 and then further refined, ensuring that any remaining solvent is fully removed.

By utilizing supercritical extraction methods, more properties of the plant are better preserved, creating one of the most complete therapeutic oils available.

How do I know which ratio to choose?

Individual body chemistry determines individual effects. We recommend that beginners and those interested in CBD-forward experiences start with the 4:1 ratio (or 10:1 ratio for our Canna Drops) for our highest CBD and lowest THC offerings.

If you desire more of a mental shift with your dose, the 2:1 could be a better fit. 

For experienced consumers seeking a full dose of THC, the 1:1 ratio will offer the greatest degree of effects. 

Keep in mind, your unique body chemistry as well as the chemical composition of the cannabis extract determine your experience, both mentally and physically. There’s no one-size-fits-all cannabis product and achieving your ideal effects may be a process, but one well worth it.

What hardware is used for V-RSO (Vapable-Rick Simpson Oil)?

V-RSO utilizes the CCELL DS1903-M disposable vape. Its lightweight design makes it easily portable, while its large battery capacity ensures a battery life that will last long after the oil is gone. Battery shelf life is good for up to a year.

The V-RSO CCELL vaporizer also contains a ceramic heating element, providing rich, flavorful vapor in every draw.

I don’t want to feel too high. Which product is best for me?

Our most CBD-forward offering is the 10:1 Canna Drops, but you can achieve a microdose of our 4:1 formula of the Canna Mist as well as our 4:1 Canna Drops by consuming less than the suggested dose.

Are Spectra products considered “low dose”? Will they make me “high”?

We’ve designed Spectra products in varying ratios for versatility and control. While some products contain a lower dose of THC than many on the market, we like to refer to our ratioed products as “balanced” versus “low dose”.

Every body will react differently to our formulas, but our 7-Strain Blend Extract packs a potent dose of cannabinoids and active compounds in each product. Milligram measurements of individual cannabinoids like THC and CBD aren’t a complete guide to the degree of effects you may feel, and full spectrum products that also include minor cannabinoids and terpenes are even shown to have stronger effects than higher amounts of isolated THC.

For example, a 2:1 product may produce more effects for you than other products containing higher THC percentages because it’s supported by the other minor compounds.

This is why we’ve created the concept of the Body : Mind Dial – a tool designed to support you on the intuitive process of discovering your ideal ratio and dose.  

How do I use the "Body : Mind Dial"?

We created the concept of the Body : Mind Dial to support you through the intuitive process of finding your ideal dose and ratio.

To start, pick a ratio based on your wants and needs. For more stimulating, cerebral experiences, opt for a balanced CBD : THC ratio (i.e. 1:1). For more calming relief of the body, choose a ratio with higher amounts of CBD (i.e. 4:1.)

After dosing, check back in to see how you feel. Assess whether the amount of CBD or THC should be dialed up or dialed down through additional doses or alternative ratios in order to achieve your desired state of body mind balance.

Refer to the idea of the Body : Mind Dial as you explore different ratios to find your perfect mix of physical and mental effects.

What’s the difference between TEFSO and RSO?

While still benefitting from whole plant extraction like a traditional RSO, unlike an RSO, TEFSO’s targeted formulation and repeatability ensures consumers will receive the same plant medicine batch-to-batch.  

TEFSO also has a clean taste and smell, unlike most traditional RSOs which are less palatable.

What are cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant as well as produced naturally by the human body. These are the compounds that interact with our bodies via our endocannabinoid system and contribute to the effects experienced when consuming cannabis. Over 100 cannabinoids have been identified in cannabis so far, the most prominent being THC and CBD.

How is TEFSO made?

TEFSO is formulated using high quality hemp-derived cannabinoid ingredients in combination with Revolution’s award winning cannabis. Using supercritical-CO2 extracted whole-plant extract as a base, we add targeted blends of minor cannabinoid isolates (CBC, CBG, and CBN) as well as in-house THC-containing extracts in order to achieve the desired ratios. All batches are also formulated with a consistent water vapor-extracted terpene blend for a light, pleasant finish.

What is the endocannabinoid system (“ECS”)?

The endocannabinoid system is an interconnected system of cannabinoid receptors, lipids, and enzymes that plays a significant role in our body’s ability to maintain “homeostasis” (as in, a state of functional, regular balance) in many bodily functions. The ECS helps regulate our circadian rhythms when we sleep; appetite and metabolism; the function of our adrenal system—that far-reaching influence is what allows cannabis to provide healing benefits for such a large range of symptoms.

How does TEFSO's extraction process differ from an RSO's extraction process?

More traditional RSOs are extracted using high proof alcohol solvents. Also, traditional RSOs are usually crude extracts that come directly from this single extraction. TEFSO is formulated with multiple high quality inputs.

By utilizing multiple extraction methods, we’re able to bring forth the best qualities of the plant and capture the full spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids found in the strains we extract from. 

What is CBD?

CBD (cannabidiol) is the second-most-abundant cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. Though non-intoxicating, CBD can have restorative and calming effects.

What is CBN?

CBN (cannabinol) is a mildly psychoactive cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. CBN has shown to have relaxing and sleep-inducing properties, making it an effective aid for easing into rest.

What are terpenes?

Terpenes are organic compounds that appear across nature and contribute the smell, flavor, and—to some degree—the effects of cannabis. Terpenes interact with cannabinoids to contribute to the Entourage Effect: the potent synergy of all the compounds present in cannabis work together.

To ensure every product offers the full range of healing potential, we developed our 7-Strain Blend to consistently provide a well-rounded suite of CBD, THC and minor cannabinoids like CBN, CBG and THCA, and terpenes.

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